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“What we call the beginning is often the end

and to make an end is to make a beginning.

The end is where we start from.”

~ T. S. Eliot

It’s been quite a ride! I started this blog in August 2010 as a way of encouraging readers to pursue their dreams. I thought that if I shared stories of people who were making their dreams a reality, it would inspire others to do the same.

This blog has done this and so much more. And I have you, my readers, to thank for that.

Knowing you’re there, waiting for the next installment, has motivated me to show up at the page twice a week (nearly 250 posts to date!).  Your comments remind me that I’m not writing into the Void – you really are enjoying the stories, tips and ideas, and making them your own.

Thanks to you, Dream Bigger has had over 8,000 views from 60 different countries. Wow!

And my book, Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease continues to sell well all over the world (again, thank you!)

It’s now time for me to dream bigger myself. I’m not sure what that dream looks like yet. I know that writing will always be a part of my life, however I don’t know what the next chapter holds. In order to find out, I need to start by bringing this one to a close. You see, it’s only in letting go of the old that you can make room for the new.

This will, therefore, be my last blog post here, although the archives remain available for you to enjoy for now.

I am continuing to offer coaching on life, relationship and money issues (by skype and phone) so if you’ve enjoyed my approach in this blog and in my book, you can always reach me through my website for one-to-one coaching.

Here’s to you! May your dreams entice you ever forward!

As for me, I’ll be exploring the possibilities that await. And you never know, another blog may emerge from my meanderings!

along the path

Taking the path less travelled …


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As we enter the first full week of 2013, I’ve been developing my dreams for the coming year. For me, the first step is the most fun – the dreaming part. This is where I get to spend time envisioning what might be possible. There are no limits here, no editing to be done. Gradually, the vision will become more clearly defined, and that’s when I’ll focus on steps to take toward that dream.

Until then, I’m very selective about who I talk to about the dream. If I mention it too soon, well-meaning friends and family may trample all over my emerging ideas with comments like, “you’ve got to be practical.” Or “how can you make any money at that?”

Once I have a plan, then I’ll seek the support of someone who believes in me and my dreams. But until then, I’ll keep the magical visions to myself as they dance, swirl, merge and morph into my dream for 2013.

Apparently I’m not the only one. As I discovered today, there’s another dreamer out there just like me. Tonight, Shannon Skinner will debut her Extraordinary Women television show on Rogers TV Cable 10 and 63 in Scarborough/Toronto. She describes her journey to achieving this dream in her recent blog in the HuffingtonPost.

So dream on, all you dreamers! There’s strength in numbers, and there’s no telling what we can accomplish this year!

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“The world lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream

and the audacity to live their dreams.”

~ Paolo Coelho

It takes courage to dream, doesn’t it? In a world that focuses on practicality and being realistic, it’s not easy being a dreamer. There are always those who will criticize or make fun of you for having pie-in-the-sky ideas. But where would we be without dreamers, visionaries, people who have the courage to imagine new ways of doing things?

The geniuses of our past, like Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci for example, were dreamers who believed that what they imagined could become real. For them, the impossible was always possible. It was just a question of time.

What set them apart was their ability to take the dream and turn it into action. And that’s where audacity, or boldness, comes in.

In order to try something new, you have to take a risk. Often it means going against what others believe to be true. Sometimes it means making mistakes and having to start over. You may feel as if you are alone swimming against the current of common opinion.

And yet, you carry on. Why? Because the dream matters. And you can’t imagine living your life any other way.

Here’s to the dreamers, who are changing our world in immeasurable ways, with their boundless vision and energy.

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In my last post, I wrote about the dilemma faced by Peter Brother after his bike was stolen in Peru. Suddenly his dream of cycling from the Yukon in northern Canada to the southern tip of Argentina came crashing down around him. He had managed to complete two-thirds of his journey, and now had no bike to finish what he had started.

It’s a good example of what can happen as we pursue a dream. Sometimes life gets in the way. Circumstances beyond our control pull the rug out from under out feet, and we’re left dazed and confused, asking why. And wondering what to do next.

At first, Peter was shocked. He spent a few days trying to come to terms with this change in his plans. Then he decided to see if he could get a bike built to meet his needs in Peru. He also explored the possibility of having a new bike, identical to the specialized one he had bought for his trip, shipped to him from Canada.

Neither option worked out.

At that point, he could have give up. So close to achieving his dream, and yet so far.

Instead, he decided to revamp the dream. He realized that he still wanted to go to Chile and Argentina. He wanted to continue the journey. However, now he would do it by bus. He felt it would give him plenty of opportunity to meet people, and to do some hiking.

So, for the past few weeks, he has been hiking in the mountains and the desert, exploring caves and glacial lakes. He will also be trekking to the world’s largest canyon in Peru, the Lake district in Argentina, Patagonia in Chile and a number of other locations.

His dream continues to evolve. In a recent post, he wrote,

“While in Hauraz, I had a couple of significant dreams, that seemed to me to indicate I want to continue cycling for part of the journey through Chile and Argentina. I am now rethinking about biking.  I will go by bus to Nazca and Arequipa in Peru and then bus it to Santiago.  Then I may pick up a “new” bike there.  Then go to Mendoza, down to the Lake District and cross back and forth between Argentina & Chile, biking and hiking.”

It’s important to be flexible and open while following your dream, yet keep in mind your focus, the main reason you started on the journey in the first place. In this way, you’ll stay open to possibilities and … those possibilities are endless!

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I’m not the only one dreaming bigger these days. Local singer/songwriter, Sue Baker-Proud, was so taken with Dream BIGGER (both the book and the philosophy) that she decided to write a song about it. The song, appropriately titled “Dreaming Bigger”, is captivating for its lyrics as well as its melody. As part of her song says,

“Long ago I abandoned the dream

But the dream never gave up on me.

It’s always been deep down inside

Nudging me. Calling me. Now’s the time.

… I’m dreamin’ bigger this time round.”

~ Excerpt of lyrics from Dreaming Bigger by Sue Baker-Proud © 2012

Sue sang this song recently at the Spark of Brilliance event for mental health awareness. I was privileged to be in the audience to witness its inaugural flight. Her voice soars, floats, flutters like a beautiful butterfly on a summer breeze.

It was magical to see Sue step into her dream – to sing her own songs with a band and share her music with an appreciative crowd.

Her dream continues to grow. She’s currently writing songs for her first CD. I’ll let you know when it comes out. I promise to be first in line to buy a copy!

You can listen to full song here.

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I was notified last week by my publisher that my book, Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease, has received the Reader’s Choice Award. This is the top award category from iUniverse and is only given to books that have good sales AND have already achieved Rising Star and Editor’s Choice status. Three cheers for Dream BIGGER!

The recognition is also based on reviews on Amazon and similar sites. I’ve had positive reviews from readers ever since the book was published. It continues to make its way around the world, reaching out and touching many lives along the way.

I’m curious to know how many of my blog followers have read it. If you have, what was the highlight in the book for you? If you haven’t read it yet, hey, maybe it’s time you did!!

In other news, for those of you living in Waterloo Region, I’ll be sharing tips from Dream BIGGER in my workshop on October 25 in Cambridge, Ontario. It’s part of the Confident Women speaker series and I’d love to see you there.

My dream for the past two years has been to help 100,000 people achieve their dreams. With the book, the workshops and this blog, my dream is becoming reality.

What is needed for you to achieve your dream? How can I help?

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Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin.
Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”
~Alan Cohen~

How many dreams sit in a state of perpetual limbo? Do you have dreams, ideas or goals that you’ve put on the shelf, waiting for the moment when all the planets align? Maybe you’ve been telling yourself that you’ll pursue your dream of going to school, starting your own business, or travelling when … the kids are older, you’ve saved some money, the mortgage is paid, you’ve retired, or you can find someone to look after your pets.

Days, weeks, months and years slide past and still that dream sits quietly in the corner, its voice dimming to a faint whisper over time.

If your heart yearns for something different in your life, what are you waiting for? The circumstances will never be “perfect”. It’s only in taking the initial steps that the door opens and you are able to see your way forward.

Begin. Take steps.

Beginning holds the promise of all that is to come.

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